Org charts developed for lines of business and overall organization.

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Minimum of 30-40 verified contacts with

each report.

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  • What are the schedules for making decisions?

  • What requirements are there to get in?

  • What technologies are being used, including those of the competition?

  • Is the IT department centralized or decentralized?

  • Are IT decisions driven by lines of business or IT?



This is the bread and butter of our reports. This section details the interviews with the decision makers at an account. BMS offers entry level reports that provide 1-2 interviews all the way to high end reports that can have many more.​

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Verified research that is quantifiable and usable:

  • Verified contacts
  • Verified interviews
  • Verified phone numbers
  • Verified e-mail addresses
  • Verified corporate structure

 Action Items for every report spelling out specific next steps to pursue account

  • 16 Analysts averaging 12 years of experience
  • Frequent training on all accountsPartnerships with top secondary research providers

Our reports answer the questions that make selling

more efficient:

The operating units of the company clearly spelled out.​

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  • Who are the decision makers?

  • When do the decision makers get involved?

  • What current initiatives are in place?

  • What are the organizational reporting structures?

  • What budgets are in place? How often are they set? Who sets them?

  • Results-driven standards for every report
  • Independent editing teams to improve accuracyPotential "Champions" identified for accounts